The FreeSpace Episode 1

By Balcony Radio | November 25, 2011

The first of our adventures in to freeform radio. In this episode, we play whatever the hell we want. What other show will play the […]

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Embryonic Episode 1

By Balcony Radio | November 25, 2011

Rock and roll is hard work. Here are the first drafts of some tunes you may know. Sometimes the demo version is just as good […]

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High Tea With The Beatles Episode 3: RINGO!!!

By Balcony Radio | November 23, 2011

The Beatles are dropping like flies . . . (sorry). We at the Balcony are pretty sure that Ringo is going to be the last […]

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High Tea With The Beatles Episode 2 – John Lennon Tribute

By Balcony Radio | November 18, 2011

Fifty years ago the world took a strange wobble and created the band that started it all – The Beatles. And in this second episode […]

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Dusty Gems Episode 1 (Our episode 2!)

By Balcony Radio | November 14, 2011

The first in our series of shows dedicated to lesser-known singer-songwriters. In this epsiode we play Emmitt Rhodes, Kate Wolf, Judee Sill, Phil Ochs and […]

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Blue Highway Episode 2

By Balcony Radio | January 30, 2011

Well, howdy there, little shavers. Thanks for mosey-in’ up here to the campfire. We got coffee on the brew and our guitars are tuned to […]

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Songs From The Yard Ep 14
Posted on 2019/05/26 by Balcony Radio

Time to get on the train skaville, the real emerald isle โ€” Jamaica. In episode 14 of Songs From the Yard, we spin twenty-two of the haziest jams the island could roll up and smoke. The soundtrack to the perfect afternoon of de-stressification has been located. Get comfortable. Stay hydrated.