101 Series

In the 101 Series we focus on the persons, places and things–the nouns of rock. We devote the entire episode to an artist, location, era, language or any other topic we decide to marginalize.

Long Song Silver

This is the show that plays all the tracks in our library that are 10 minutes or longer. Listen to the development of themes, variations and recapitulations. Even the words we use for the show description are 10 minutes or longer.

Blue Highway

Mosey on up to the campfire for a healthy offering of the best in country, folk, alt-country and new folk tunes. Get you guitars tuned. It's time for a night of old and new memories.

Off the Wall

Balcony Radio has a vast collection of vinyl records lining the walls of the studio. On this show your hosts pull records straight off the wall to play 'live' on the turntable. You'll here needle drops, some skips and some bad fades.

Deez Rhymes

This is the show for all the hip-hop party people in the house. Beats and rhymes come together uncensored and sick. Some serious dance movement with nothing but the best.

Sock Rockin' Beats

This show is just an excuse to get together for a couple hours and play rock music of one form or another. That's all, no reasons, no excuses. It just has to be loud rockin'.

Dusty Gems

The program dedicated to finding the lost, forgotten or lesser-known singer-songwriters throughout music. The names may not be familiar but the songs will stay with you and set your voice to hummin’ and your mind to remembering.

Songs From the Yard

We go crate-digging and dust-cleaning for the best in Reggae music of every variety. We exploring Kingston, Trenchtown and few side-streets off the main roads.


Your favorite songs began somewhere and this program gives you the first drafts of some tunes you may know. Sometimes the demo version is just as good as the finished one.


This is the show the plays all the best in Soul, Blues and Rhythm & Blues from record labels big and small. It's just too cool to put into words.

Found Gems

On this show we go searching for tracks on Side 2 and a little closer to the record label from the artists and performers you're familiar with. Big artists have big hits. And sometimes those hits over-shadow deeper tracks hidden within the albums.


The nightclub doors are ready to open and the bouncers and cigarette girls are in place. It's time to listen to the best in jazz vocals and songs from the Great American Songbook.

From the Board

The biggest part of the music experience is a "live" concert by your favorite artist. On this show we travel the world to stages and studios everywhere in search of the finest in "live" performances.

The FreeSpace

With this program we try to bring back the halcyon days of free-form radio programming. It goes anywhere and everywhere. Your hosts each pick their own tunes and they're blended together for a unique radio experience.

Guest DJ

We've had a few friends visit us in The Balcony to play their favorite tunes. We swing open the doors for a party in the studio.

This Pill Makes You Small

Step into the rabbit hole and fall to inner space. Turn on the lava lamp, polish up your crystals and prepare for the next journey through the record crates of psychedelia.

Have the Rolling Stones Killed

This is our show dedicated to one of the two greatest rock bands in history. How you rank them is up to you. Here we provide the evidence for arguments.

Time For Bob

We had to decide on a show that would be dedicated to one single artist and the full and complete catalog of that artist. Many were considered and adjudicated. Only one was possible.

High Tea With The Beatles

This is the other show dedicated to one of the two greatest rock bands in history. More evidence for the court to ponder.

X Chromosome

Our showcase for all the things the fairer sex has contributed to music. The only show in media completely dedicated to the ladies.

I Remember That

Once upon a time there was a great radio format called "Oldies But Goodies". Through the course of radio evolution the format has a newer flair to it. This is the show the brings back the oldies of doo-wop, rockabilly and Rhythm & Blues.